In the News

Channel 29 NBC Newscast about our Draft Dog Trials in August, 2016. Click here for the story!

Wags & Brags

Superhero Bella!

September 2017 Tina and Bella possess superhero powers during their visits to HealthSouth in Charlottesville!

Tina & Pirate

April 2016 - Tina and Pirate at the Draft Test at Blue Ridge BMDC – another leg toward the ANDD (Advanced Novice Draft Dog) One more passing leg for the title. Judges are Barb Gibson and Steve Dudley  

Title Weekend

March 2016 at the Star City Rally and Obedience trials in Roanoke VA, Rosemary Mitchell with Ella was able to get Ella’s final leg for her Rally Advance title. Dan Lynn and Vasca were able to get the last two legs of Vasca’s Rally Advance title – it wasn’t real pretty, but Vasca earned the green qualifying ribbon twice, earning the title. Ella now has the RA, CGC, and TDI RVA titles. Vasca now has the RA, CGC, and TDI titles, along with his Championship.

Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to all Beloved Berners who have moved onto the Bridge.

Do not stand at my grave and weep;

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glints on the snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn's rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.

By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Rainbow Bridge Dogs

Nashems Painted Lady v Black Bear "BELLA"

October 15, 2008 - April 17, 2018 Her titles include CD, RA, NDD, BNDD, CGC, HCT, JHT, TDI
Beautiful and sweet and calm and everything I could have wished for. My Bella was always ready to please. Bella's work was highlighted in a national health magazine for her amazing spirit as a Therapy Dog. She has been recognized in every corner of our community. My heart weeps for my loss of my most wonderful girl. We will be together again.

Arundel’s Queen Charlotte (“Carly”)

Sept 19, 2010 – Jan 30, 2018 Our titles included THDX, CD, NJP, NAP, RA, DD (plus tri-athlete award at 2016 BMDCA specialty and 2015 BMDCA Working Dog Award).  More important than formal titles, she is my heart dog: we did so many things for my first time, we learned so much together. While my heart is shattered, I know her warmth, her sassiness, and her overall spirt will live with me forever. And Carly’s memories will help me build better relations with new puppies and friends.


23 Feb 2004 – 21 Oct 2015

Owned & loved by Jim & Peggy Barrett

Sheena, you graced us for nearly twelve years, more than any other of our Berners save one (“Beta”). I saw you the day Annie whelped you (the last of seven!). As an eight-week old puppy, you squirmed your way into our hearts (even though I was determined to pick a boy puppy – okay, I was wrong, you were right.)


Janet Hughes rescued Heidi from Lone Star. She was rehomed via the rescue group. She loved to swim and once crashed a seniors water aerobics class via a hole in the fence. She was thrilled with her first experience of snow in Virginia. Heidi died in May at the age of 9.


Janet Hughes rescued Barkley from Lone Star. Barkley had 3 TPLO Surgeries and needed lots of rehab because he was an abuse rescue but with Heidi as his rock, he blossomed and galloped after squirrels. Barkley died in November at the age of 6.

Brighteye Sterlyn Silver ‘Sabre’

Brighteye Sterlyn Silver ‘Sabre’, CGC  April 21, 2006 ~ March 6, 2014 Berner Garde # 30719  Owned and loved by Carolyn Smith. Sabre had no title other than Cherished Companion - a pleasure to live with - always a smile on his face, play in his heart and an unequaled zest for life! Living with serious orthopedic issues never dampened this boy’s spirit - he was always READY FOR ANYTHING!!. Sa-man I loved you so much for the joy and laughter you brought every day! You were my first berner and set the bar for the boys who have followed you! You were my teacher and my friend and the sweetest boy ever!! Miss you big fellow, until we meet again, Love, Mom  

Trillium’s Sou Sa Rhythm N Soul-jer, CGC BN RA

Owned and missed by Carolyn Smith March 6, 2010 ~ March 24, 2014 Berner Garde # 72687 

Souljer, you were my first performance dog. We still had lots to accomplish - you only needed one major to finish your Championship; one leg to complete your CD…but alas, it was not meant to be….the evil Histo claimed you way too young. Both you and I knew it was ‘all about the fun’, never taking any events too seriously – you were my ‘baby’. You were loved. You were a big ole clown. You were so photogenic and will continue to grace Bernese Mountain Dog calendars for years to come. Boy, you had Charisma! They say the good die young, and I have to believe it.

Love you Soulj man, rest in peace good dog, until we meet again, XOXO…..Mom

Sadie: Loved and Owned by Linda and Burk

Burk and Linda Hershey lost their rescued Berner, Sadie, in September, 2016. It was that awful illness, Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), that all too many times affects our beloved Berners, that took Sadie. She was about a year old when she was rescued by Burk & Linda several years ago.  Sadie spent most of her life up to that point living in a kennel. When she finally got home with Linda & Burk, she joyfully ran all around the house, including the tops of the furniture! She was so excited to be free that she never really seemed to calm down for the rest of the time she was with Linda & Burk. Sadie was a sweet Berner girl who truly was a loving companion and joy to be around, and when the disease began to impact her so hard, it was such a hard decision to help her along to the Rainbow Bridge. Be free sweet Sadie girl!  

Bailey: Loved and owned by Linda and Burk Hershey

Bailey was not a Berner, but she was the next best thing – a Berner Buddy. She was a rescued Golden Retriever  and the best buddy to Linda & Burk’s rescued Berner, Andy, who they brought home after they lost Sadie. Bailey was an older Golden girl, but still was the best friend to Andy. Andy & Bailey enjoyed romping together. In January 2017, when Baily began to develop symptoms of cancer in her brain, Andy was heartbroken. Linda & Burke were also devastated when, in a matter of three months, they had to send yet another beloved family member to the Rainbow Bridge. Run free Baily!